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Education is What Matters – Let’s Give the Kids a Decent Start!

I’m a great believer that if you’re born or have been accepted as a legal citizen in the USA, you have a right to a decent life just like anyone-else. As a nation it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter what race, color or creed you are, having access to a proper start in life has to […]

Five Easy Ways to Help Kids Become Interested in Sports

More and more kids these days are starting to live sedentary lives prone to obesity at such young ages – in no small part due to the technology they have grown up with. It’s as if they were born with iPads at their hands instead of pacifiers and baby toys. And it’s a damn shame […]

Saving the Youth of Kenya through Educational and Social Initiatives

The youth, or to be more exact, persons counted as under 35 years of age, constitute over 60% of the Kenyan population. A bigger section of this population is under the age of 25 years which means they are fresh out of the education system. Kenyan youth literacy levels are relatively higher than those of […]

NGOS: Offering the Most Prone Youth of Kenya a Way Out through Sports

Kenya’s youth make up 65% of the population with a bigger majority of these youth under the age of 18. Unemployment is the biggest challenge facing these young people with over 40% of those in the employment bracket unable to get proper jobs. This challenge brings on attendant problems in crime, HIV/AIDS and social conflicts. […]

5 Creative Activities for Outreaches to Children’s Homes

Outreach programs for children’s homes are intended to reach out to kids who are not normally acquiring the best type of service and experience suited for their age. This is one way of helping them to live life best on their age without experiencing any hassles and stress anymore. Most of the time, those children […]

Hey Kids, Better Sleep Hygiene! No Excuses!

Good sleeping habits can practices that can maintain and foster good sleeping health. They include different types of conditions and behaviors that need to be changed towards improving youth’s quantity and quality of sleep. It is always essential to emphasize the importance of good sleeping habits for youth in these days. This is due to […]

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