More and more kids these days are starting to live sedentary lives prone to obesity at such young ages – in no small part due to the technology they have grown up with. It’s as if they were born with iPads at their hands instead of pacifiers and baby toys. And it’s a damn shame – in a way, this addiction is setting them up for bad habits throughout life.

With extensive technological advancement and mobility making our lives easier, the young generation is getting more and more addicted to the homely comfort in recent times. Most of the kids are glued to the couch and spending their free time watching television, surfing the internet or playing online or mobile games. However, this practice is not harmful if they do it occasionally but as per the recent studies, the kids are prone to spend most of their time with various electronic gadgets rather than playing outside. This tendency has reduced the physical activity among kids to a great extent resulting in several ill effects on their physical and mental health.

This is why inculcating a sense of sportsmanship at an early age is so important – because it teaches them life skills and discipline. And this is something that is severely lacking in today’s generation – the discipline and professionalism expected of them when they graduate from high school in their adult life.

It is a well-known fact that playing outside regularly in the proximity of nature with friends and families is extremely important for children. It helps them get stronger and is essential for their overall growth. But, instead of outdoor activities, kids tend to relax at home and laze around which is a dangerous habit to be adopted since childhood. This is a common cause for concern in every household these days and parents often ask for expert opinions to get rid of this habit of their children. Below discussed are few easy ways how you can encourage your kids more into sports and outdoor games.

1. Join Them in Play

Kids often tend to follow their parent’s footsteps and adopt their habits very easily. If they see you lazing around and fiddling with your devices and gadgets all day, they will automatically copy the same. It is advisable to the parents and elders to take the kids to the backyard or the nearby park or playground on regular occasions and play with them. You can take up any sports activities like running, cricket, football, baseball, basketball, jumping ropes or any other sports of your choice. This will encourage the kids and also build up the habit of playing sports. If you aren’t into sports, teach them by example – pursue 10000 daily steps on a treadmill with them and show them that you lead by doing, and not by flapping your gums.

2. Buy Sports Goods Instead of Gadgets

Many people tend to buy their children the latest electronic gadgets as and when they demand it. If you get sports stuffs and accessories instead it will encourage them to play with those.

3. Bond With Them Over Sports on TV or Watching a Game Live

When you are at home, watch and enjoy the live football or baseball matches on the television with your children. If possible, take your kids along to watch the matches live at the stadiums. This will grow their interest in sports and eventually they will develop a likeness for a particular sport.

4. Teach them about Great Sports Figures

Gift your children the popular biographies and stories about the great sportsperson if they are fond of reading or listening to stories. The glorious journey and achievements might encourage your kids to follow their path.

5. Coach Them at an Early Age

Provide them with professional coaching in their specific field of sports. Identify their likes and dislikes and encourage them to explore their passion under expert supervision. This will improve their skills and build up their confidence level – plus, you will be able to provide them advice that will stay with them throughout their lives. It’s an investment worth making, yes?