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Kenya’s New Breed of Music Superstars for Tolerance and Diversity

There is a lot of beautiful music made in Kenya. Once in a while, a hit song will come out that everyone identifies with. Some artists have penned powerful socially conscious lyrics to remind the people that they one and that the challenges that face them can be solved with a united front. Some of […]

Music Initiatives – A Vital Aid To Youth Development Programs

Organizations all over the country have been putting in place initiatives and programs to support youth development in disadvantages areas, and these innovative services have taken a number of forms. However, some of the most successful programs to have been put in place have been those which have been based on music. Organizations running music […]

Five Kenyan NGOs Working Hand and Hand with Children in Need

There are plenty of children who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of not having people to love, provide, and take care of them. Some of these children are orphaned and get mistreated by their guardians. Some simply become burdens on their parents or guardians who are too poor to look after them so they […]

Accommodating Disabled Employees – Going the Extra Mile

When it comes to making the workplace accessible to employees with disabilities, many employers are still doing only the legally mandated minimum. They may upgrade the water closet to be wheelchair-friendly and perhaps install a few Braille signs, but it’s rare to see any real enthusiasm for creating an inclusive working environment. The unemployment rate […]

Saving the Youth of Kenya through Educational and Social Initiatives

The youth, or to be more exact, persons counted as under 35 years of age, constitute over 60% of the Kenyan population. A bigger section of this population is under the age of 25 years which means they are fresh out of the education system. Kenyan youth literacy levels are relatively higher than those of […]

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