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How Can Cooking Programs Benefit At-Risk Youths?

Finding ways to engage at-risk youths has long been a goal of all kinds of youth development programs, however there is one type of program which has really come to the fore over recent years. Cooking programs aimed at at-risk youths have been taking off in a big way, not only in the USA but […]

Promoting Health In The Young – A Vital Youth Development Program

Youth development programs can take a number of forms, however Advocates For Youth have developed their Life Planning Education program with a strong focus on health and well-being in the young and disadvantaged. There are several parts to the program encompassing everything from sexuality and relationship to community responsibility and personal well-being, and this makes […]

5 Creative Activities for Outreaches to Children’s Homes

Outreach programs for children’s homes are intended to reach out to kids who are not normally acquiring the best type of service and experience suited for their age. This is one way of helping them to live life best on their age without experiencing any hassles and stress anymore. Most of the time, those children […]

Hey Kids, Better Sleep Hygiene! No Excuses!

Good sleeping habits can practices that can maintain and foster good sleeping health. They include different types of conditions and behaviors that need to be changed towards improving youth’s quantity and quality of sleep. It is always essential to emphasize the importance of good sleeping habits for youth in these days. This is due to […]

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