Outreach programs for children’s homes are intended to reach out to kids who are not normally acquiring the best type of service and experience suited for their age. This is one way of helping them to live life best on their age without experiencing any hassles and stress anymore. Most of the time, those children who are found in children’s home are those who don’t have their families and loved ones to support them with their needs.

If you are one of those organization who wanted to deliver the most exciting and meaningful outreaches to children homes, then here are the lists of the 5 creative activities for outreaches for children’s home and they are as follows:

1. Game Day

If you really wanted to help kids acquire the most exciting and amazing experience, then why not give them the best game day ever. Try to allow every kid in children’s home to bring the most favorite table games they have. Try to hold a game tournament and give them the best game prizes in every game they are going to participate. This may surely make their day more fun and colorful.

2. Children’s Day

Make use of this outreach program in recognizing children in your chosen children’s home. Concentrate on all types of events and music suitable for the children’s age. Decorate the entire children’s home area with balloons and something which could mesmerize their attention. You can even invite some of their friends or even parents and loved ones to join the said outreaching event to make it more fun and exciting.

3. Art Day

You may also invite a local yet very creative artist who is skilled and professional in drawing. Let the kids learn how to draw, color and make an artwork more meaningful and creative to look at. Have the kids mix different types of colors to make it more attractive and impressive to look at.

Alternatively, you could have a day at the woodworking shop and have them do an activity that will require or teach them basic woodworking skills, such as working with wood and gaining the skills used for miter saws and table saws in a collaborative project altogether!

4. Sidewalk Circus

Let all the children make their own puppets and present it into an amazing and spectacular puppet show. Take them to a city park where they can completely enjoy showing some of their best hand crafted puppets. You may also allow them to have some circus type of acts, balloons as well as clowns. You can even invite some kids along the children’s home to attend to the sidewalk circus games.

5. Ecology Day

If you wanted to let children appreciate nature, then why not give them an ecology day outreach program. Help them learn how to reduce, recycle and reuse. You may even help them to plant more trees in their community or in the surrounding area where they live. Communicate an important ecology message highlighting the fact that God created the entire world and gave people the authority to take good care of it.

As you choose any of these creative activities for outreaches to children’s homes, you’re assured that you will not only bring joy and happiness to their life but more on meaningful lessons and experiences they may never forget.

These are just some of the many ideas for games and activities you can plan for an outreach with kids – what else do you have in mind? Share them with us in the comments section!